Using Surface Hub microphones when projecting a laptop

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When our users project their screens onto the Surface Hub using the Connect App, they would like to be able to use the Surface Hub microphones instead of their laptop microphones.  Is this possible?

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Hi Anita

As far as I am aware, no. You can send back touch and ink input (touchback/inkback) either by connecting the USB cable or over miracast by enabling the setting after connecting, but you can't use the built-in microphones either way.




The only scenario in which you can use the Surface Hub microphone array is in replacement PC mode by switching off the internal PC. 

However, this is not a limitation as I assume that the reason why you would like to use the Surface Hub microphone would be in a Skype call. If this is the scenario, you can add the Surface Hub in the call, thus using the microphone and speakers of the device (you will have to mute them on the laptop) and just share the screen of the laptop. 

The Surface Hub was not designed to be used as a roundtable device (as an extension of your desktop client) but as a self sufficient conferencing device with Skype for Business and Teams capabilities. 

Moreover, user files can be accessed directly from the Surface Hub.

Please review the Surface Hub User Guide page 15 for more information.


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Thanks @Cezar Cretu


The scenario where we would like the mics to work is where we are using a 3rd party conferencing solutions that either we have been invited to join or use because our clients are used to using it.  We really like using the Surface Hub for these meetings because of the screen and speakers. The only way to do this on the Surface Hub is to connect to the 3rd party software using a laptop and then projecting the laptop onto the screen so that everyone can hear and see the slides being presented.  The only issue with this solutions was that people on the other end could not hear our employees correctly since the laptop mic was being used.  The replacement PC mode is too much of a tech challenge for most of our employees.  We'll try to find other work arounds.

@Anita Bhat 


You might want to check the conferencing system for input settings. Most, if not all, will allow you to chose which Mic source to use. This means that you will have to join the meeting from the Surface Hub directly, not from the laptop.

If the reason why you need to use the laptop is because the conferencing system doesn't have a Windows Store app, you could try to join from the web app using Edge, if that's supported.


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