Used Surface Hub 84" what do I need?

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 We are first time buyers of the Surface Hub 84" we are not using office 365 will it work anyway?

Do we need any software license to run this? 

Can anybody join the meeting also if they don't have office 365?



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Hello @Kasper590 ,


Congratulations on your Surface Hub! 

You don't need an Office 365 account to use the Surface Hub but some features will be missing such as "My meetings and files" or Teams.

You can, however, use it with an on-premises account for Skype for Business and Exchange if you create an account as described here, based on your deployment. 

In regards to Office suite, the applications don't require a license.

If you scheduled a Skype for Business meeting, for external partners to join the meeting, they will need to use Skype for Business (on-premises) too and be federated with you. 

Also, please note that warranty is not transferable if you purchased the device from a different entity than a Microsoft partner.


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