surface hub no boot device error

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good morning, my surface hub 55 at startup msg "no bootable device or not present"

hd ssd is online but not start

recovery procedure 3 on/off does not work

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I have same issue here.

Microsoft!! please help!!

Hi @Andrea Petroni and @環邑 Tommy -


For an error like this, if you can't get into the recovery partition (which is unlikely given the error message) then you should first and foremost try the Surface Hub Recovery Tool.


You can find instructions here and the tool can be downloaded from here. Note that this will ONLY work on the OEM SSDs that come with the Surface Hub.


If this doesn't work, then you'll need to raise a support ticket with Microsoft using Surface Hub support here.




same issue with my customer's hub, reset the hub by cloning the SSD using the GOLD Image

OOB setup completed successfully but if the hub is idle for 10-15mins it goes blue screen, restarted the hub and tried to get the support logs and goes blue screen immediately


















escalated the case to Microsoft Support and they will just send a new SSD drive, hopefully it will fix the issue (finger crossed)