Surface hub msg " no bootable device. please, add bootable media and reboot"

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Good day to all

Kindly advice, After Surface hub updates installed and restart, surface not booting with display error massage “no bootable device. Please, add bootable media and reboot”

I followed Microsoft recommendation instructions

still same error ,

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Open USB 3.0 port
  • USB 3.0 or higher USB-to-SATA cable
  • Except : below connection
  • The imaging tool was tested with the following make and model of cables:
    • Startech USB312SAT3CB
    • Rosewill RCUC16001
    • Ugreen 20231
  • Also note that: same SSD used OEM used in reimaging  but with different  USB connection  used

But it detected the SSD with 100% successful complete.

SSD tested on another pc working fine

Kindly advise

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having the same issue - appeared to successfully use the surface hub recovery tool to re-image the ssd.  when i re-installed now get the no bootable media message.  have confirmed that the drive is recognized when attaching to other PCs.


did you ever resolve your situation? 

Hi Mohammad,

Have you had a chance to make it boot. Please need your help. How did you get around making it boot. I am facing same issue and it's driving me crazy

Hello @Imran_Awan ,


No bootable device means that the SSD is not being detected, the boot partition is missing or the SSD is damaged.

You can perform a cloud restore from the Surface Hub given that it's connected by ethernet and not behind a proxy.

If this is not possible, you can reimage the SSD with the Surface Hub Recovery Tool. Please read the article carefully and make sure you have the correct cable or this might fail.

You can also open a support case from here


Thank you,


Thanks for your answer @Cezar Cretu i have used  Surface Hub Recovery Tool


After using that tool i am getting this erorr message " no bootable device. please, add bootable media and reboot"


Any other way i can get this resolved... or i have to log a call with Microsoft... If i di ... Would you know how long it takes for Microsoft to ship a new SSD 


Many Thanks


Hello @Imran_Awan ,


It will take 3-4 working days. 


Thank you,

best response confirmed by Cezar Cretu (Microsoft)
Hi Imran

You need to be certain you are using one of the exact cables specified. We ordered what we thought was the right cable but was shipped a slightly different model. Turns out that, while the tool says the SSD is imaged correctly, it wasn't. New cable, confirmed the model number, SSD imaged fine after.


It has been a few months since I had this issue - but was able to resolve this.  Ultimately the provided recovery tool DID work, although the 1st attempt while indicating it was successful - gave me the same messages you are reporting.  I tried it again from a second computer and that time it was successful.

yes , dear I worked with  me . the first thing to do  to follow what Microsoft tools suggested , and first thing to do is to buy  this cable


don't try with another , when you buy it

follow this