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I have been tasked to see if it is possible to display some basic company info on our surface hub when not in use. We have some monitors around our plant that run announcements and safety info throughout the day. This is purchased software and is run from a dedicated computer so we know that we can't necessarily run that on the hub, but wanted to know if we could run something like a constantly changing screen saver as an option? I have also thought about a power point running on a loop. Is any of this possible?

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Hi Mike


I'm afraid this isn't currently possible. You can set a static wallpaper for the Welcome screen, which can either be changed by MDM policy or manually via a provisioning package/direct from USB stick.


There is no concept of a screensaver for Surface Hub, so that's also not possible.




Thanks for the response.



Hi Mike, try the app "Dynamic Theme" app available in the App Store which might satisfy your need., you may try USB pen drive for images since the SH default storage is wiped after each session. let me know if this helps. thanks.. BR Kannan