Surface Hub Infinite Loop

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As of this morning all of our Surface Hubs that were on Fast Ring are entering an infinite loop starting with "Getting ready for the next session" which happens for about 30 seconds and then it reboots.  Since we can't get into Start or Settings how can we roll back these updates?

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We only have one Surface Hub, but we are experiencing the same issue.  Were you able to do something other than use the Surface Hub Recovery Tool to do a full reset?

I've got the same issue.

I was able to recover using the Surface Hub Recovery Tool.  Recovery really means full reset from a factory image which meant a lot of reconfiguration and updating.  Our only need for the Windows Insider program was to use Teams before it was released for general use.  I discovered Teams is now released and available in the app store as I was finishing the recovery.  Recovery was a long process, but hopefully one I will not need to do again now that I can stay on the normal release cycle.

I'm not sure I want to go that far.  There has to be a better way, safe mode and revert?  How do we get into safe mode on the Surface Hub?

You can do the 3 rocker switch procedure to reset it. There is a known issue that is affecting all Insider Preview devices. This is still under investigation and until we have a fix, please reset the devices.

Thanks for that...I found that "fix" on Friday.  Please post an update if there is one.

Hi Cezar

Any update on this issue? Back after the break and need to know if I need to reset the hub or if the fix is now available.


I booted the Hub into safe mode and did a reset.  

Hi Ian,


No updates on this so far as the fi has been put on hold until after the holidays. Hopefully we will have more information on this next week.




@Cezar Cretu Just checking to see if we have any update on this issue? Not sure if this is the same but on one of our Surface Hub 2S, every time we use an HDMI connection to screen share, we get the message 'Getting Ready for the Next Session'.

Most likely these are not related. PLease open a case to look into this

Thank you

@JustinJacksonJust happened to me with a Surface Hub 84". Doing the "recover from cloud" right now. Used a USB stick to apply Mode 2 provisioning package. My Surface Hub 55" worked fine. 

@dfw_sec Yes, recovering from the USB Stick aalso helped out with our Surface Hub.

HI, how long was your installation process? I've managed to install the latest update (Windows 10 Team 2020 Update) and now I'm still waiting for it to complete, the surface hub is still on the "Getting ready for the next session" window. Any suggestions please@stickeltech 

It takes some time, but it does complete.  Sorry it was a while ago when this happened to me, but it does work. 


Thanks, Steve.
Initially, I didn't have the infinite loop issue I only restore my Hub in order to get the chromium version update on Microsoft edge browser. Thanks for getting back.

@Steve Ens 

Our 501c3 was donated a Surface Hub and we are trying to Reset to original.  No Bitlocker key.

We have done the 3x off / on and we get a BitLocker screen requesting a recovery key.

(Also when we click continue ...we go into the infamous loop...)


How to get one?  or bypass?



You can use the SHRT to re-image the SSD as described here:

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@Cezar Cretu 

We do not have a key and are not admins.

If we purchase a new SSD does it come with a recovery key?