Surface Hub 2S - Remotedesktop app from Microsoft Store

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Hello, we have installed the store app "Microsoft Remote Desktop" on a Hub 2S. (Version 10.2.1810.0 on Win 10 Teams).
Logging into the workspace works, but nothing happens when you click on a published desktop.
The application starts on other Windows or Apple devices in the same network.
Is there a solution to this or is it a known bug? Or do I need the Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version for this App?
Thank you for your help!
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Hello @MLoemm,


You can use the Remote Desktop on the Surface Hub to connect to other devices but not the other way around for security reasons. If you want to manage Surface Hubs, you can do so with Intune 


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Hello @Cezar Cretu,

we don't want to manage the HUB 2S, we installed the app on the HUB 2S via the Playstore and logged into the RDSH environment. Now we want to start a published desktop. However, nothing happens, no error messages, nothing.