Surface Hub 2S Files and Server Question


Hi Everyone,

I have a couple questions regarding file types and servers for the Hub. Does the Surface Hub 2S browse and open files from a share on the domain controller (server)? Are there certain file types it only supports? Lastly, is it compatible with Exchange 2010?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ChChavez


Surface Hub cannot access files over UNC paths. 

It can access Files stored on SharePoint or a web server, both on-premises and online.

Surface Hub supports common Office file types, and additional file types may be supported if you have an app for those files. It does not support executables of any kind. 

Surface Hub supports n-1 versions of Skype for Business Server and Exchange Server, which puts Exchange 2010 in the non-supported list.

@Yoav Barzilay 

Thanks for the reply. Just to make sure I understand correctly, it will not open files from a windows server with file shares, or from on premises SharePoint or website?

Surface Hub will NOT be able to access files stored on a shared folder or a UNC path.
Surface Hub WILL be able to access files located on a web server or a SharePoint website.

To sum it up, Windows Explorer on Surface Hub won't allow access to files not stored locally or on a USB thumb drive. Files can be accessed via the Edge browser (for files shared on a website or SharePoint), or (natively) via OneDrive for Business.