Surface Hub 2

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Microsoft have pre-announced the Surface Hub 2:


"The software giant is planning to unveil the Surface Hub 2 in the first half of 2018, but it’s not clear when the devices will be available for businesses to purchase. Microsoft is also working on a new operating system upgrade for existing Surface Hub devices, and the company is hoping to bring many of the Surface Hub 2 software features to the current models. Microsoft Teams integration will also be available on the Surface Hub in the coming months."


Looking forward to this! Though I'm certainly more interested in the OS upgrade and the new features coming :)

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It needs to be plugged into the power right? Or are we just assuming that by 2019 that won't be required ?



Yeah I’m fairly sure it does! If you look at the video you can see the cable just to the right of the stand. For the product photos though they’ll have likely removed the plug or superimposed the screen on one that is switched off.

Or maybe MS have also finally solved the issue of fusion power? :thinking_face:

It does also 'Unlock the power of the Team', so I'm imaging some kind of treadmill.

Any idea if there is a wait list or way to apply to be part of the commercial customer preview program for the Surface Hub 2? We are very interested in participating.
Hi Glenn. I'd speak to your TAM first to register your interest as I believe there are no further details at this point about the EAP aside from the fact there will be one as per the press release.

Wonder if we will see a preview by Ignite?