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Hi community,

do you know a good eMail App for Hub2S from the microsoft business store? We want to implement O365 Mail-Accounts on our Hub2S ... THX for feedback ...

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Hi again,

Having an email client on the Surface Hub defeats the purpose of a shared collaboration device, hence the reason why Outlook or Mail app are not pre-installed.
You might also want to take into consideration that any configuration that you do on the 3rd party app will be lost with ending the session.
However, if your users would like access to their email, you can use OWA but I doubt that sending emails from the Surface Hub will be a satisfying experience.
Can you describe what you're trying to achieve as there might be a better way

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@Cezar Cretu 

We often have with customers the need to access email during a Teams Meeting (for screen sharing) and with 2FA on the HUB it is always a bit time consuming to get into the OWA and edit emails there ... e.g. to search ... we start after the user login with emails and therefore we are looking for a simple touch email app for HUB2S ...


PS: Is a FIDO2 registration (e.g. YubiKey) with the Hub2S via AD possible, that would simplify and shorten the registration ... and maybe OWA will be enough for us ...


Thank you very much.

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MFA will still be required with a mail app. Again, if you end the session, the user will need to login again.

I believe the best and fastest way for this is still OWA. Unless the device is AAD joined, you can take advantage of the SSO if you login with "My meetings and files" and then just go to and then open Outlook.

FIDO2 protocol is not yet supported


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