Browser based video conferencing on Surface Hub S2

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Hi all,

this is my first post here and yes, I already found other posts around Cisco Webex etc.. But somehow I can't really believe that there is no way to use webbased third party video conferencing on Surface Hub. Can someone from Microsoft please give their view on browser based video conferences - e.g. Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom on SH2S?

AFAIK all of these services provide web based (no plugin required) Web RTC conferences - but Edge on Surface Hub somehow prevents loading these conferences while web based Teams calls are working well. Is this by design or will it be fixed?! This would boost the usability and acceptance of Surface Hub!




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We urgently need the new Chromium Edge browser on the Hub to support other videoconferencing services.

I hope it will be embedded in the new 20H1 Windows 10 update.


Anyone know if there is insider Hub version to test this ?

Hello @Cédric DAUVILLIER and @markusliebel 


Browser based AV conferencing solutions do require an add-on to work, which is not supported by Surface Hub edge due to security restrictions. Only UWP apps can be installed on the Surface Hub for the same reason. Until the company holding the service will develop such an app, this will not be possible. Consider the implications allowing add-ons to be installed and running during a confidential board meeting, these are not verified like UWP apps.

We do understand the need but not willing to do any trade offs on security. I suggest asking for the UWP release to your favorite conferencing service provider


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Hello @Cezar Cretu 


Please specify what do you call add-on ? You mean browser extensions ? Web assemblies ?

Teams, Zoom & Webex now work perfectly on modern browsers (eg chrome / chromium edge) using standard web rtc or web assemblies and without requiring user to install anything.


I know only UWP can be installed on SH and that's really a pain considering the very low traction of this tech (and rumors of Microsoft abandonning it did not help).

You know there is absolutely zero chance your competitors will invest to create an UWP app for SH.


I understand your point on security, but for customers, especially very large ones with subsidiaries that use several AV converencing services, it's simply not working and they are considering alternatives like Teams Rooms where native integration is coming soon.


Hello @Cédric DAUVILLIER,


As far as I know, WebEx requires a plugin to work as web based. Unfortunately I don't have an account to check if this is true. However, I tested with Zoom and it seems it doesn't support Edge (not Chromium). There is no browser plugin as you mentioned.

Since there was no official mention about Chromium on the Surface Hub, I cannot say if this will come on the next major OS version. We know this is something that our users are asking so it is being considered. While we understand the need, security always comes first in a business environment. I trust the product team will be able to enable this feature without compromising security. Please have a bit more patience with this subject, I'm sure a decision will be made soon


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@Cezar Cretu @Cédric DAUVILLIER 


Fortunately this discussion lapsed as with Windows 10 Teams 2020 Update the Chromium base Edge browser may now be rolled out to Surface Hub devices opening the path to WebRTC video conferences. Our setup was proven with GoToMeeting and Zoom on Surface Hub working great in a browser session!

@markusliebel this is great to hear. I'm happy this functionality is having a great impact on productivity for you and everyone else! :happyface:

@Cezar Cretu Everyone else says Zoom meetings with audio and video still do NOT work on any Surface Hubs even with the new Edge browser.

Has anyone tested and verified it recently?