18 rooms with Surface hubs, good idea?

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We are currently evaluating Logitech and Crestron teams rooms, but by the time we purchase all the equipment needed it isn't that much of a jump to get to the surface hub 2s.


We have 6 rooms across 3 locations that we really want the larger than 50" screen but the other 12 would be fine with 1 or 2 50" screens.  The larger Surface hub 2 is supposed to be released this year but do we know of a timeline that may put it down to a month?


Should we just go with what we can get right now and skip Surface hub all together?

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@Jacob Stimpson Surface Hub and Teams Rooms address two separate needs. The Surface Hub is an awesome collaboration device, designed for you to work directly on the screen with a small group of coworkers. Yes it can definitely join Teams and Skype meeting and provide audio and video. However, the Audio/Video is, in general, not as good as what you get on a Teams Rooms system. You are also limited to a single screen size (larger screen coming out later this year).


Teams Rooms is meant for all kinds of room sizes - from 4 person focus rooms up to classroom in size. There is essentially no collaboration directly on the device. It just rebroadcasts what people share form their laptops. You can pick any screen size and even dual displays if necessary. You can choose multiple different cameras, microphones, and speakers to fit the space appropriately.


So the real question to ask yourself is: What is the goal of a specific meeting room? Is it collaborative in nature or is it meeting-based?