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Surface Go LTE... GPS was a useful surprise, can anyone elaborate on it for me?

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I recently traveled extensively in areas that had NO LTE or cellular service. I had downloaded some maps for the areas and was surprised that the Surface GO was able to pinpoint my locations.


Now that Microsoft has a device that can do this, it would really help to see some expandability of the Maps app to include the ability to download sections of aerial maps. The lack of this ability was quite detrimental to my ability to get around in some very out of the way places.


I realize "real people" get to use real devices that can do all this in the form of smart phones, but I need the bigger screen and the Windows OS, I don't want an iPad or Android for my needs. I can handle the fact that I can't use Google Maps, but the Windows 10 Maps App would be FINE if it would just let me download aerial maps.


Aside from all of that can anyone tell me how does it know my location in the absence of the Cell Signal? I had thought that assisted GPS only meant that it used cell towers to triangulate or something, I was obviously mistaken. Can anyone tell me what the ACTUAL GPS capabilites of this device are? Is this built in GPS like I would have in a Garmin dashboard device for example?


If yes, boy would it be great to be able to have some offroad mapping and trail app capabilities for this, particularly when and if we ever that the Qualcomm version with long battery life.


Thanks, I have been slapped around by Microsoft so hard with the Phone fiasco, it would be really nice to see them put some effort into the apps for this very nice GPS capability of this device.



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it is November 2021 and I am also researching the advances in PC (Windows) mobility since the Nokia fiasco for Microsoft and us the users of "Everything" Microsoft. It comes to a surprise to know that little or nothing has been done to Windows OS or Microsoft Hardware to enhance the user experience while on the road and NOT for business. In my case, I am looking for a device hopefully newer than a Nokia phone that can help me while I am off-road on an adventure out in the mountains. Up to now, I have not any hardware data on Windows Surfaces that have GPS and not something that relies on having an extra device such as a Gemini or an Android phone to get signal and location information. For running apps that can do GPS navigation on Windows it is true that there may be a solution of running those apps via Android OS emulation but there is no hardware (at least that I know) from Microsoft that supports GPS without network connectivity.
This leaves a whole market without Microsoft's presence as is in the car entertainment and information market.