Microsoft Drivers 5.9.0 for PHP for SQL Server Released

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We have released Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server, version 5.9.0. This production release of the SQLSRV and PDO_SQLSRV drivers has been built with PHP 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0 and tested on all supported platforms.


Notable items about this release since the previous production release include:




  • Dropped support for PHP 7.2
  • Dropped support for macOS High Sierra, Ubuntu 19.10 and Debian 8


  • Pull Request #1127 - removed TSRMLS macros in preparation for PHP 8 by remicollet
  • Pull Request #1136 - improved performance when handling decimal numbers as inputs or outputs and removed unnecessary conversions for numeric values
  • Pull Request #1143 - if an exception occurs when executing a query, it will not change the output parameters
  • Pull Request #1144 - use the correct C types when binding output parameters with integer values
  • Pull Request #1146 - improved performance when fetching numbers using client buffers
  • Pull Request #1165 - set query timeout without using LOCK TIMEOUT, which saves an extra trip to the server
  • Issue #1170 - when fetching large data types such as ntext, check more than only the display size - pull request #1172
  • Pull Request #1205 - minimized compilation warnings on Linux and macOS
  • Pull Request #1209 - fixed a bug when fetching varbinary max fields as char or wide chars
  • Issue #1210 - switched from preview to beta terminology to enable Pickle support
  • Issue #1213 - the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET in config files caused linker errors in macOS Big Sur - Pull Request #1215
  • Pull Request #1226 - replaced the problematic strlen function
  • Pull Request #1227 - addressed static code analyis issues


  • No support for inout / output params when using sql_variant type
  • No support for inout / output params when formatting decimal values
  • In Linux and macOS, setlocale() only takes effect if it is invoked before the first connection. Attempting to set the locale after connecting will not work
  • Always Encrypted requires MS ODBC Driver 17+
    • Only Windows Certificate Store and Azure Key Vault are supported. Custom Keystores are not yet supported
    • Issue #716 - With Always Encrypted enabled, named parameters in subqueries are not supported
    • Issue #1050 - With Always Encrypted enabled, insertion requires the column list for any tables with identity columns
    • Always Encrypted limitations

Known Issues

  • This release requires ODBC Driver 17.4.2 or above. Otherwise, a warning about failing to set an attribute may be suppressed when using an older ODBC driver.
  • Connection pooling on Linux or macOS is not recommended with unixODBC < 2.3.7
  • When pooling is enabled in Linux or macOS
    • unixODBC <= 2.3.4 (Linux and macOS) might not return proper diagnostic information, such as error messages, warnings and informative messages
    • due to this unixODBC bug, fetch large data (such as xml, binary) as streams as a workaround. See the examples here.


Let us know how we are doing and how you use our drivers by taking our pulse survey.



  • On Linux and macOS run the commands below:



sudo pecl install sqlsrv
sudo pecl install pdo_sqlsrv



  • Windows DLLs for PHP 7.3 or above can be downloaded as a package from Microsoft, or from the PECL repository for SQLSRV or PDO_SQLSRV.
  • Direct downloads for released binaries can also be found at the Github release tag.


David Engel

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I just installed SQLSRV 5.9.0 in xampp and updated the server's ODBC Driver to the latest version and I still getting the same result, I mean connection can't be stablished and some warnings about the driver (like the one that you mentioned in "known issues").

In other machines with previous versions of php and SQLSRV the connection works fine.


Can you help me please?



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