Update: Hotfixes released for ODBC and OLE DB drivers for SQL Server
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We've released hotfix packages for the following drivers to address important security issues:



Related CVEs for these updates are the following:



All the issues involve a malicious server sending malicious data in order to compromise a client. These driver updates are included in SQL Server 2019 CU21 and SQL Server 2022 CU5. If you use the drivers in the context of either of those installs, those updates will update the drivers for you. If you have deployed the drivers as part of a standalone application, you may want to consider updating them. The vulnerabilities require a potential attacker to direct a connection to a malicious server, so if your scenario allows that, you should update.


Next steps

For Windows installations, you can directly download the packages:

  • Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.10.4 for SQL Server (download)
  • Microsoft ODBC Driver 18.2.2 for SQL Server (download)
  • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18.6.6 for SQL Server (download)
  • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 19.3.1 for SQL Server (download)

Linux and macOS packages for ODBC are also available and can be updated via package managers on most platforms. For installation details and manual instructions, see the online instructions for Linux or macOS.


How do I know what version of a driver I have installed?

On Windows, look in Add or remove programs. The version is shown with the installed package. Additionally, you can look at the file properties of the installed files and inspect the Product Version field in the Details. Here are the main files for each driver:


    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server - %Windir%\system32\msodbcsql17.dll
    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server - %Windir%\system32\msodbcsql18.dll
    • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server - %Windir%\system32\msoledbsql.dll
    • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 19 for SQL Server - %Windir%\system32\msodlebsql19.dll

On Linux you can use package manager commands to view the version of the installed package. Or you can look directly at the files, which live in /opt/microsoft/msodbcsql17/lib64/ or /opt/microsoft/msodbcsql18/lib64/ and have the version in their name: libmsodbcsql-17.X.so.X.X or libmsodbcsql-18.X.so.X.X.



We are committed to improving quality and bringing more feature support for connecting to SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL DW, and Azure SQL Managed Instance through regular driver releases. We invite you to explore the latest the Microsoft Data Platform has to offer via a trial of Microsoft Azure SQL Database or by evaluating Microsoft SQL Server.

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