Released: Update to Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server
Published Oct 15 2019 04:34 PM 5,535 Views
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OLE DB Driver 18.3 for SQL Server was released this week, bringing additional Azure Active Directory authentication methods directly into the driver.



  • Added support for additional Azure Active Directory authentication methods: ActiveDirectoryInteractive and ActiveDirectoryMSI (See Using Azure Active Directory)
    Note: ActiveDirectoryInteractive supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) flows.
  • Embedded Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). A separate installation of ADAL is no longer required to use certain authentication methods.


  • Fixed drop index logic in IIndexDefinition::DropIndex - Previous versions of the OLE DB driver can't drop a primary key index when the schema ID and the user ID of the owner of the index aren't equal.
The updated driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

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