Released: Update to Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server
Published Dec 02 2020 10:09 AM 4,099 Views
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OLE DB Driver 18.5 for SQL Server is released, bringing support for SQL Data Discovery and Classification and Azure Active Directory Service Principal authentication to the driver along with a number of fixes. The driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.




Fixed an issue with embedded NUL characters.Fixed a bug, which resulted in the driver returning an incorrect length of strings with embedded NUL characters.
Fixed a memory leak in the IBCPSession interface.Fixed a memory leak in the IBCPSession interface involving bulk copy operations of sql_variant data type.
Fixed bugs, which resulted in incorrect values being returned for SSPROP_INTEGRATEDAUTHENTICATIONMETHOD and SSPROP_MUTUALLYAUTHENTICATED properties.Previous versions of the driver returned truncated values of the SSPROP_INTEGRATEDAUTHENTICATIONMETHOD property. Also, in the ActiveDirectoryIntegrated authentication case, the returned value of the SSPROP_MUTUALLYAUTHENTICATED property was VARIANT_FALSE even when both sides were mutually authenticated.
Fixed a linked server remote table insert bug.Fixed a bug which caused a linked server remote table insert to fail if the NOCOUNT server configuration option has been enabled.
Fixed the SSPROP_INIT_PACKETSIZE property default value handlingFixed an unexpected error when the SSPROP_INIT_PACKETSIZE property was set to its default value of 0. For details about this property, see Initialization and Authorization Properties.
Fixed buffer overflow issues in IBCPSessionFixed buffer overflow issues when using malformed data files.
Fixed accessibility issuesFixed accessibility issues in the installer UI and the SQL Server Login dialog (reading content, tab stops).
The updated driver can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.

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