Released: SQL Server 3rd Party Backend for Django v1.2
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We have released version 1.2 of the SQL Server 3rd Party Backend for Django. This release contains support for the release of Django 4.1, as well as a number of issue fixes.


Our plan is to support major releases of Django and SQL Server, to ensure users of this project can keep up to date with Django while continuing to use SQL Server as a backend.



  • Timezone support (To use will need to do some manual migrations. See the wiki page on timezone support)
  • Fixed inserting into tables with triggers fails
  • Returning rows after bulk insert is off by default and can be enabled by setting return_rows_bulk_insert in the OPTIONS dictionary to True
  • Add capability to convert to and from AutoField and BigAutoField
  • Added hashing function support
  • Add xor bit shift support
  • Add support for left and right arithmetic bit shift
  • Add jsonfield support for sql managed instance
  • Add support for sql server 2022
  • Add support for django 4.1


  • Fix handle legacy unique together constraint
  • Fix random order by issue
  • Fix altering unique, nullable field to non-nullable error
  • Fix date_trunc_sql() to work with < 4-digit year

For more details of release changes and fixes, please see the Release Notes.


To use this backend for Django 4.1, no changes are required to your existing Django project settings - provided it is already configured for MSSQL (see project README).




If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, head over to our mssql-django project repository and submit an issue.


David Engel

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