Optimum performance for your data with SQL Server 2022
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Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and Supermicro, amongst other Server OEMs, announced availability today of new systems running on AMD EPYC™ processor-based servers designed to optimize performance, transaction processing rates, availability, and security with SQL Server 2022 — currently in preview. 


With the rise of relational and nonrelational data comes incredible opportunities to gain insight into your business operations. SQL Server running on AMD EPYC processors provides a modernized database platform that increases performance, improves efficiency, decreases required power, and saves physical data center space compared with prior AMD releases. 


Azure-enabled capabilities in SQL Server provide near real-time insight and visibility over your entire data estate. AMD EPYC processors deliver sustainability and advanced security features that help protect valuable proprietary data. Combined, these platforms help upgrade your analytics and capture the potential of your data. 


  • Performance and efficiency: Accelerate OLTP performance running SQL Server on modern energy efficient hardware enabled by AMD EPYC processors 
  • Seamless analytics: Drive insights in near real-time and query all your data for analysis using both Spark and SQL runtimes in the cloud with Azure Synapse Link. 
  • Proven-security leadership: Achieve your security and compliance goals using the database rated as least vulnerable over the last ten years.  


SQL Server on hardware with AMD EPYC processors bring together the latest features of both platforms. SQL Server is currently available as SQL Server 2019, with SQL Server 2022 in preview. SQL Server 2022 offers an Azure-enabled database platform that boosts disaster recovery, analytics, and governance. Connections to Azure SQL Managed Instance provide the benefits of running a Platform as a service (PaaS) environment for disaster recovery. Azure Synapse Link delivers seamless near real-time analytics while Azure Purview offers visibility into a customer’s entire data state. As for security, studies show that SQL Server has had fewer vulnerabilities than the competition for ten years and running. 


AMD EPYC processors showcase strong performance with SQL Server, helping customers perform more analytics per day. AMD EPYC CPU-based servers save data center space and help address sustainability through exceptional energy efficiency, helping companies improve data center utilization. Advanced security features help protect valuable proprietary data. And regardless of whether customers run their platform on-premises or in the cloud, they receive strong performance. 


Visit us next week at PASS Data Community Summit to hear more about the advantages of 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors for Microsoft SQL Server 2022.  

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