ODBC Driver 17.3 (Preview) for SQL Server Released
Published Mar 23 2019 05:57 PM 1,694 Views
First published on MSDN on Sep 24, 2018
We are pleased to announce a technical preview of version 17.3 of the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server! Version 17.3 (Preview) brings several fixes and a couple of added features.


  • Support for XA distributed transactions

  • Support for streaming input parameters against Always Encrypted columns


This release also contains the following fixed issues:

  • TCP send notification event handle memory leak

  • Redefinition issue of enum _SQL_FILESTREAM_DESIRED_ACCESS in msodbcsql.h header file

  • Missing ACCESS_TOKEN and AUTHENTICATION related definition in msodbcsql.h header file for Linux

Next steps

For Windows and Linux installations, you can download the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.3 (Preview) for SQL Server here .


We are committed to improving quality and bringing more feature support for connecting to SQL Server , Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL DW , and Azure SQL Managed Instance through regular driver releases. We invite you to explore the latest the Microsoft Data Platform has to offer via a trial of Microsoft Azure SQL Database or by evaluating Microsoft SQL Server .

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