JDBC Driver 9.2 for SQL Server Released
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Version 9.2 of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server has been released. Version 9.2.0 brings many added features, changes, and fixed issues over the previous production release.



  • Added a connection property for maxResultBuffer 1431
  • Added support for Azure Active Directory Service Principal authentication 1456
  • Added support for Azure Active Directory Interactive (MFA) authentication 1464
  • Added support for already connected sockets when using a custom socket factory #1420
  • Added JAVA 15 support #1434
  • Added LocalDateTime and OffsetDateTime support in CallableStatement #1393
  • Added new endpoints to the list of trusted Azure Key Vault endpoints #1445


  • Enabled useBulkCopyForBatchInsert against any server, not just Azure Synapse Analytics #1465
  • Changed the visibility of SQLServerBulkBatchInsertRecord to package-private #1408 (Potential breaking change)
  • Upgraded to the latest Azure Key Vault libraries #1413
  • Updated the API version when using MSI authentication #1418
  • Updated the driver to remove clientKeyPassword from memory #1428
  • Updated SQLServerPreparedStatement.getMetaData() to retain exception details #1430
  • Made ADALGetAccessTokenForWindowsIntegrated thread-safe #1441


  • Fixed an issue with high memory allocation during bulk copy #1475
  • Fixed an issue with column ordinal mapping not being sorted when using bulk copy #1406
  • Fixed an issue with bulk copy when inserting non-unicode multibyte strings #1421
  • Fixed an issue with SQLServerBulkCSVFileRecord ignoring empty trailing columns when using the setEscapeColumnDelimitersCSV() API #1438


Getting the latest release

The latest bits are available to download from Microsoft, from the GitHub repository, and via Maven Central.

Add the JDBC 9.2 RTW driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file to include it as a dependency in your project (choose .jre8, .jre11, or .jre15 for your required Java version).






Help us improve the JDBC Driver by taking our survey, filing issues on GitHub or contributing to the project.

Please also check out our tutorials to get started with developing apps in your programming language of choice and SQL Server.

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