JDBC Driver 8.2 for SQL Server Released
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Version 8.2 of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server has been released. Version 8.2.0 brings several added features, changes, and fixed issues over the previous production release.



  • Support for Always Encrypted with secure enclaves #1155
  • Support for JAVA 13 #1151
  • Support for Azure national clouds when using Azure Key Vault #1130
  • Added ISQLServerBulkData to remove implementation details from ISQLServerBulkRecord #1099
  • Implemented hashCode() and equals() APIs for SQLServerDataTable and SQLServerDataColumn #1146
  • Backwards compatibility for calling SQLServerClob.length() on nvarchar columns #1214


  • Made mssql-jdbc_auth library available via Maven Central
  • Improved performance of column name lookups #1066
  • Improved performance of CallableStatement and ParameterMetaData when using procedure names that contain wildcard characters #1149
  • Made internal model public for SQLServerSpatialDatatype class #1169
  • Updated ISQLServerBulkData APIs to throw SQLException instead of SQLServerException #1187
  • Optimized temporal datatype getter methods by replacing Calendar with LocalDatetime #1200
  • Updated com.microsoft.rest:client-runtime to its latest version #1235
  • Removed shaded jars #1239


  • Fixed Geography.STAsBinary() returning null for a single point #1074
  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.getImportedKeys() returning duplicate rows #1092
  • Fixed issue with truststore password being removed too early for XA connections #1133
  • Fixed issue with SQLServerDatabaseMetada.getColumns() not escaping wildcard characters #1138
  • Removed extra spaces in SQLServerDatabaseMetaData.getNumericFunctions() and SQLServerDatabaseMetaData.getStringFunctions() return values #1117
  • Fixed a potential NullPointerException in SQLServerDataColumn.equals() #1168
  • Fixed an issue with BulkCopy when source is unicode char/varchar and destination is nchar/nvarchar #1193
  • Fixed an issue with SQLServerDatabaseMetaData.getColumns() only returning the first column against Azure SQL Data Warehouse #1197
  • Fixed an issue with SQLServerDatabaseMetaData.getImportedKeys() failing against Azure SQL Data Warehouse #1205
  • Fixed an issue with InputStream closing when calling SQLServerBlob.length() on an image column #1214
  • Fixed a potential performance issue created from trailing spaces in PreparedStatement queries #1215


Getting the latest release

The latest bits are available to download from Microsoft, from the GitHub repository, and via Maven Central.

Add the JDBC 8.2 RTW driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file to include it as a dependency in your project (choose .jre8, .jre11, or .jre13 for your required Java version).






Help us improve the JDBC Driver by taking our survey, filing issues on GitHub or contributing to the project.

Please also check out our tutorials to get started with developing apps in your programming language of choice and SQL Server.

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