Hotfix: JDBC Driver 10.2.2 for SQL Server Released
Published Dec 15 2022 08:30 AM 1,565 Views
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We recently released an update to Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server, version 10.2.2. The update addresses a few issues on top of the 10.2.1 release.


Fixed issues

  • Clear prepared statement cache on idle connection resiliency reconnections 1982
  • Fix for setting KeepAlive extended options 1986
  • Fixed issue where the driver may assert when canceling a statement 1987
  • Fixed callable statement index out of bounds error 1988
  • Fixed issue not checking for DONE token errors so exceptions are ignored 1990
  • Fixed query cancellation bug 1996

Getting the latest release

The latest bits are available to download from Microsoft, from the GitHub repository, and via Maven Central.

Add the JDBC 10.2.2 RTW driver to your Maven project by adding the following code to your POM file to include it as a dependency in your project (choose .jre8, .jre11, or .jre17 for your required Java version).






Help us improve the JDBC Driver by taking our survey, filing issues on GitHub or contributing to the project.

Please also check out our tutorials to get started with developing apps in your programming language of choice and SQL Server.

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