Hofix Release: Drivers 5.6.1 for PHP for SQL Server

Published Mar 29 2019 02:27 PM 1,689 Views

First published on MSDN on Mar 20, 2019

We recently released a hotfix for version 5.6 of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server. Version 5.6.1 fixes the following issues:

  • Issue #937 - fixed assumptions made when calculating field or column metadata which may have resulted in application termination
  • Issue #955 - modified sqlsrv config file such that it can be compiled independently of pdo_sqlsrv
  • Pull Request #946 - fixed PDOStatement::getColumnMeta() to return false when something goes wrong

Limitations and Known Issues remain unchanged.

Direct downloads can be found on the Microsoft Download Center or the Github release tag.

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