Introducing Sales Advisor – unlock your customer’s potential in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse
Published Jul 17 2023 08:00 AM 8,976 Views

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, customer success has become a critical focus for businesses looking to drive growth and build lasting relationships. With this in mind, last year we announced the public preview of Project Orland – a transformative way for Cloud Service Provider (CSP) partners to proactively engage with and nurture their customers with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).  


Over the last year, Project Orland delivered over 600K+ actionable recommendations to more than 1,000 preview partners, giving them real-world value and insights into their customers. Preview partners experienced reduction in cost of sales, improved retention, and grew their business in a more efficient and effective way. 


Today, we are excited to make these insights and recommendations generally available to all Cloud Solution Providers with the introduction of Sales Advisor, a new experience available in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.



Reimagine your approach to customer success  


The addition of Sales Advisor to Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is the result of Microsoft's commitment to helping our partners move beyond traditional customer acquisition and renewal approaches, with a goal of giving you a 360° view of your customers’ state and health.  Believing that customer success is an organization-wide effort, we’re equipping partners with a game-changing capability that allows you to think broader, drive growth, and rethink customer success strategies.  


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Not only does Microsoft 365 Lighthouse provide remote monitoring and management capabilities to effectively manage your customers at scale, its new AI-powered sales opportunities and customer insights through Sales Advisor. This collaboration bridges the gap between account managers and service technicians, revolutionizing the way you approach holistic customer success.  


Tap into AI-driven insights to fuel your business growth 


Starting today, you can use Sales Advisor to leverage AI-driven insights, using the same data models used by Microsoft sellers. This empowers you to prioritize the right customer opportunities at the right time, in the most meaningful ways, helping you to acquire new users, minimize churn, and drive growth. Here’s how:  


 Opportunity discovery: With machine learning (ML)-based prioritization, account managers and sellers can focus on the most urgent and impactful opportunities. You will see key opportunities to upgrade customers to premium offerings, convert trials to paid offerings, and see where you need to drive usage and product adoption to prevent churn. 


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AI-driven Insights: In addition to opportunity discovery, you now have the context behind the data, showing you why a certain recommendation is right for a specific customer. With data-driven insights, your team can make informed decisions and have more meaningful conversations with customers. 


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Actionable Content: With each recommendation, you will receive specific suggested actions, with marketing content and offers you can leverage with customers. This makes customer interactions a streamlined, turnkey experience, saving you time and effort, and reducing your cost of sales.  


Delivering value at every stage of the customer journey 


Designed with our partners in mind, Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Sales Advisor brings you groundbreaking tools to standardize, manage risk, identify sales opportunities, and engage with customers at scale. Stay tuned for exciting new features in the coming months. 


Start using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse today  


Put the power of AI-driven customer insights to work for you today.  If you already have Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, let your sales, account management, and customer success leaders know about the general availability of Sales Advisor. If you aren’t a Microsoft 365 Lighthouse user yet, you can sign up for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse now. Learn more at  


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