microphone not working on Skype For Business for Mac

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Hi, I need urgent support in relation to the following problem: Mac Book Pro macOS Catalina 10.15.4 does not detect microphone for calls with Skype for business. In the system preferences, the checkbox for Skype for business does not appear under the microphone (it appears for the camera that works regularly). Please let me know how to solve the problem...Thanks

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I am having the same issue and already tried to delete and reinstall Skype for Business.
On top of all that I have issues signing into Skype as well. Need several attempts before it registers and signs in.
Looking forward to some useful replies too!
I am experiencing the exact same SFB problem, I am running Catalina 10.15.4. I have successfully shared the mic on the desktop for Skype(personal use), Google Chrome and Firefox. However, when I run Skype for Business the application does not ask me to enable sharing of the mic, (as it did when activating the camera ). The Skype for Business App is not displayed in the list of applications under Security & Privacy > Privacy tab, for the Microphone option, it does appear in the list for the Camera option. I have downloaded the lastest SFB install package, installed, deleted and reinstalled several times with restarts of the mac along the way. How do I get this to work?

I have the exact same issue! Microsoft, please look into this.

I have the same issue, please help! 



Same here. All of it! No app showing in the Microphone Privacy section of Catalina. Camera works perfectly (and shows up in its section), mic does not. Reinstall and reboot to no avail.
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@Ciarlino82 Check FabianoGoncalves solution on Sep 25, 2019 at 4:16 AM in the following link:

It worked for me with Mac Book Pro macOS Catalina a few minutes ago.

Good luck



Is there any other work around? Basically I haven't done techy stuff for years and would prefer to use a standard solution as opposed to start changing settings through the back door


Same exact issue with my new Catalina Mac. Have done clean reinstalls of SfB. Teams works fine...

The solution on that page is to restart SfB. Not a fix.

I was refering to this answer:

FabianoGoncalves ∙ Sep 25th, 2019 at 4:16am

First of all, disable SIP protection in your Mac.


How to turn off System Integrity Protection in macOS

Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.

Click Restart…

Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode.

Click Utilities.

Select Terminal.

Type csrutil disable.

Press Return or Enter on your keyboard.

Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.

Click Restart…

If you later want to start using SIP once again (and you really should), then follow these steps again, except this time you'll enter csrutil enable in the Terminal instead.

To check if it is disabled, execute the command csrutil status

and confirm the message: System Integrity Protection status: disabled.


After that,

Manually manipulate the security database TCC.db.


. Open Terminal

. Make a backup copy of the ~/Library/Application\ Support/ file
. Open the database by giving command:
sudo sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/
. Provide your password when requested Within sqlite3, For Skype for Business audio fix type in command:

INSERT INTO access VALUES('kTCCServiceMicrophone','',0,1,1,NULL,NULL,NULL,'UNUSED',NULL,0,1541440109);

. If you receive some error on INSERT, try REPLACE sql command below:
REPLACE INTO access VALUES('kTCCServiceMicrophone','',0,1,1,NULL,NULL,NULL,'UNUSED',NULL,0,1541440109);

. Type .exit to exit the sqlite3

Skype for Business should be visible in the Security & Privacy preferences Privacy-Microphone view
This is not something the user should be required to do, but until the application is fixed, this might be the only way.

Here's potentially an easier solution.

1. shut down SfB

2. in your privacy settings, remove / uncheck Skype for Business under Camera.

3. start SfB

4. you should get a prompt to allow camera and mic. Accept.

5. go back to privacy settings and check / confirm that Skype for Business shows up in BOTH Camera and Microphone



@kennethkli Hello, that does not help. Same Problem. I reinstalled Catalina on my Mac and installed SfB...runs into the game problem. Microphone does not appear in the safety list to give access. 



This is a good way to solve this issue. It works for me. The issue seems to be a conflict between SFB and MacOS.

Hi, I also had this issue and a very important exam to take via it next week.
I have found a solution that worked for me. First I downloaded the office 365 app onto my laptop.
Then I plugged my apple headphones into my laptop before joining a call with someone and the option to give Skype for business access to microphone popped up then. Press yes and it works both with and without headphones from now on.
I hope this helps.
Plug your headphones (Ones with microphone inbuilt) in before joining a meeting and it triggers the permission to use microphone notification Once you join

For those not wanting to mess with deep parameters of the operating system (surely not recommended) here is a solution I got from MS US what works. The problem was that I had installed SfB from the regular MS website. Instead, when one is an Office365 user, one must install the SfB from there.


This removes the old (website) SfB and installs the SfB from Office 365:

  • Delete existed SFB
  • Restart device
  • Navigate to with one's Office365 credentials
  • Select drop down menu at top right where it states "Install Office" and select  "Other Install Options"
  • Select "View apps and devices"
  • Select Skype for Business install (newest/most recent option if more than one is offered)
  • Insert headset/microphone combo into Mac
  • Attempt test call

Now it works !


@Michael_S4949 , Thanks you so much , this solution works wonderfully - one clarification though, to be able to download Skype for Business one has to sign in to  corporate Office 365 account and not a private one. Luckily I have access to both account options. 

If one is invited to a Skype for business call as a visitor or private person, this solution will not work as the install office options do not give a SfB download option.


Many thanks again Michael.