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Hi, i am wondering when Microsoft is going to add some diversity in the set of emojis in SfB. A lot of other IM applications are already having a diverse set of emoji's but it seems that the ones in SfB are 100% caucasian.

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It's been requested on the product feedback site: 




So it may well happen.  The best way is to promote this idea and get people to vote for it.  I can't see any reasons why Microsoft wouldn't do this eventually.  There is a lot of interest in general for more emojis in Skype4B, so it may happen sooner rather than later.


Oh, just to add, the whole Skype4B client being replaced by Microsoft Teams thing, might be the way forward.  Teams emojis look rather limited too, in that regards, however, custom emojis are being worked on.

Microsoft (blank stare emoji). I am so up to here with the sad and pathetic lack of diverse emojis on Skype, I don't even know (eye roll emoji). I work with so many smart, brave, stylish, talented, and strong coworkers (whole string of muscle arms in different shades). When I want to support them and compliment them for their strength and courage, I want to send them an appropriate **bleep** muscle arm. Look at your muscle arm... does that muscle arm look anyways like 2019? No. That's a 1985 muscle arm at best. What about a Bill Gates weenie muscle arm? That's a good arm, don't shame. How bout a Michelle Obama muscle arm. Now that's a muscle arm with which to compliment someone! Not everyone is white, swole, and wearing biker leather (face palm emoji). Sheesh! With my amazing wife, best friend, and mentors, I'm needing to send at least 20-30 brown, and some tan and white, sleek and stylish muscle arms a day. #gitittogether already Microsoft. (Shrug, arms out, I'm waiting emoji). Thank you. Period.