Bluetooth microphone stops working during SFB calls

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I have three different Bluetooth headsets paired with my laptop - each one featuring two separate audio profiles, 'Stereo' and 'Hands-Free AG Audio'. I tested all three handsets with SFB app (365 MSO 16.0.10730.20348), and the same issue keeps popping up: I start a Skype call, and after a few minutes, I get the "Your microphone is not working" error message and the other party cannot hear me anymore.


Before I start a call, I connect a Bluetooth headset and make sure it is selected in SFB's Audio Device Settings.  At this stage, I can see that the microphone is working fine (I am only able to select 'Hands-Free AG Audio' profile). So I start my call and after a few minutes the microphone stops working. When the issue pops up, one of my Bluetooth handsets disappears from the microphone selection list in FB's Audio Device Settings, though I am able to switch to the laptop's built-in microphone. The other two Bluetooth handsets stay on the list of 'available' microphones, though the microphone is not working in both cases. However, I am still getting the audio feed through the Bluetooth headset (i.e. it is only the microphone that stops working).


If I disconnect the SFB call and start a call again, I can use the Bluetooth handset's microphone again - for a few minutes. The fact this happen to three Bluetooth headsets, points to an issue with SFB and/or Windows.


I am running Windows 10 on HP Spectre x360 Convertible ap-0000na. All device drivers are up to date. Audio Troubleshooter does not find any issues with the system.

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@Piotr_JJDid you ever find a fix for this? I have the same problem with the same laptop and also with multiple headsets. The fact that it is with the same laptop - sounds like it might be the common factor? 

@windowspcguy - sadly, I did not. I read a few articles online suggesting that Windows 10 wasn't copying with Bluetooth data bandwidth required to support both speakers and microphone at the same time. As a result, while the audio quality over my BT headset is quite decent, people on the other side of VoIP calls complain they can barely hear me.


With heavy heart, I only use my BT headsets to listen (audio) and the built-in laptop microphone to speak...

@Piotr JJ Szymanski the odd thing is that it works for a period of time - and then stops. I have others that I work with who have no issues on Win10 with BT headsets - same model headsets that I use (and in my case I have used at least 3 different headsets - with the same results). So if it was a Win10 issue - it would be consistent, if it was a headset issue then it would be only on one make/model headset - which is what makes me think it is the laptop model - i have not had the issue until I started using the Spectre. 


More research! I will post back if I nail it!


@windowspcguy , indeed! In a few weeks, I am going to swap the Spectre for another laptop - will do some testing then.

@Piotr_JJ Hi Piotr, have you found any solution? I've got exactly same issue - using different headphones, different laptops, different networks - after couple minutes i get info "Mic is not working"...


I have been using another laptop model for almost half a year now, and did not experience the issue. It must have been an old laptop hardware problem.

@Piotr_JJ Thanks for quick reply. Just saw, that my bluetooth device on laptop did not had latest update. Update done and currently testing - after 10 minutes still working properly... hmmm....

@Piotr_JJ  Hi I have the same issue since changing to a EliteBook 830 G6, using a Sony WH-1000XM3. Changed to this laptop about Three months ago, befor I had an Three years old HP EliteBook likely a G2/G3. The old laptop worked just fine without issues.


The problem is equal under Skype och Teams (the ones I have used regularely). The mic works fine for a while, the time it works is very inconsistent. All needed to get it to work again is to hang up the meeting and the reconnect. No need to turn of the device, turon off Bluetooth or anything, just disconnect the meeting and the reconnect. Thats why I thought it was partly an software issue, except from that I had both laptops running under win10 and no issue on the old one.


From reading this thread I assume the issue has to do with the Bluetooth hardware Component in the laptops.


Does anyone know if H-P has recognized the issue? And maybe confirmd that it is a hardware issue?


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