PSTN - Call Analytics says "good" but users say "poor"

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I have users calling PSTN numbers from both SfB certified Polycom handsets as well as from their mobile cell phones using the SfB app. They are an "Islands" organization. I'm receiving complaints that the call quality in such instances is poor - whooshing noises, stuttering, etc. I've investigated the Call Analytics for specific calls that were reported as being poor, and everything is listed as "Good" - no orange or red values reported. The only thing that I notice as being odd is that the Signal and Noise levels are listed at nearly the same value for both Inbound and Outbound audio streams. I am by no means an expert but that seems like a bad thing.


What can I do in this situation? The analytics are clearly not catching this issue.



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Hi Bob, not sure what the next step is for you but I wanted to report that often when one of our users reports an audio issue in a S4B meeting, the Call Analytics are showing a 'good' call quality status.