Word Online no OfficeTemplate library - does anyone have this yet ?

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Hi Everyone,

In January we ran the Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary officetemplatelibrary powershell command.

Like many tenants it took over 48 hours to work, but in the end when I open Word, click new, click Tenant name, I can see the docx files in the SharePoint library specified in the powershell command.


Great our users of Word Desktop can see the templates and use them. So can our Excel and PowerPoint users.




Word Online users can't see the OfficeTemplate library when they open a new document from https://www.office.com/launch/word

They can see all the publicly visible templates but not our OfficeTemplate library as a folder.
PowerPoint online users DO see the OfficeTemplates library as a folder when they start a new presentation from https://www.office.com/launch/powerpoint 



Does anyone have the OfficeTemplate library folder in Word or Excel online yet ? Just like exists in for PowerPoint online after you've run the Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary officetemplatelibrary powershell command.



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Hi Dorje,

to this date I can see 232 views but zero replies. Have you found any solution? We encountered exatly the same issue as we set template library yesterday. Neither Word nor Excel shows our corporate templates. Only PowerPoint does :\


@perniklj No. I have just checked and we have had no change.
Perhaps  @Mark Kashman or @Chris McNulty would like to add this as a topic to #intranetzone and help us out ?

@Dorje McKinnon
We raised question upon technical support. According to their statements and tech documentation, it is not any error (unsurprisingly). Templates can only be used for PowerPoint so far. No exact date when it will be functional for Word and Excel :\
We have the same experience in our tenant. Last week we added OfficeTemplateLibrary and our enterprise Word & Excel templates are NOT visible/accessible to end users within the ONLINE application. However, PowerPoint templates are available in online application. Additionally, all templates we published are available from within their respective desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio).