Where to create Organization Assets Library?

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Are there any recommendations of where you should have your Organization Assets Library? Could it be on your home site or is that not the best option? I have read in some places that you should create a separate site for it, ie Branding, but I found no explanation on why you should do it.


Also, what is the best alternative for news? Do you create a separate site for all news or do you publish them on respective site? I would then like to be able to filter news by (managed) metadata, as you are able to in the web part Highlighted content. I believe that function is coming soon, any updates on that?



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What do you mean by Organization Assets Library? Do you mean common style sheets, script files, and images? Or are you thinking of common documents for an organization?
That’s what Microsoft calls the place where you can organize tenant wide assets, usually images.
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Ah, thanks!


For several years as a best practice, I would create a "common" site collection where I would put shared assets such as images, stylesheets, etc. This is somewhat different, but I think the principal is the same.


You could put it in the home site, but there are a couple of reasons why you would want a separate site collection. The first is permissions. These assets will be shared with everyone so that they can be added to any page in SharePoint. If you have any team sites that are shared externally, then those users would need at least read access to the images to see them on a page. Home sites are not typically shared externally. Also, the management of the assets may need to be a different set of people than those managing the home site.


The other reason not to put them in the Home site is you may want to update your home site at some point.  There is now a very useful tool in SharePoint online that allows you to "swap" sites.  This means you can set up the new version of the home site, test it, and then just deploy it as the home site using the swap command.  However, if all your assets are stored there and they were not moved to the new site before the swap, they will suddenly disappear from every place they are referenced! 


As for the question about News, I would recommend having news in multiple sites that can be managed by the people closest to that content.  You can then use the sites as a form of metadata to categorize the news rather than just relying on the manual input of metadata.  It also facilitates reuse of the news within those sites and then allow it to be bubbled up.




@Mary F Harvey Thanks! Your super qualified answer just made my life so much easier. Thanks a million again!