What happens to “Open with Explorer” after Internet Explorer is discontinued?

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Anyone know if the feature "Open with Explorer" will be available on the new EDGE browser once Internet Explorer is discontonued?


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@Albert Vadacchino 
Open with Explorer uses ActiveX. This will not work on Edge or other modern browsers.
You will need to consider alternatives:

- use OneDrive for Business
- use Apps that mimic "Open with Explorer" in a browser
- use client-side apps that extend File Explorer and map SharePoint
- start working 100% in browser

Paul | SLIM Applications (

@Paul de Jong Edge has an addon called "IE based tab" that does this quite handily.

I've seen a few posts, but I am hoping someone can clarify - how can One Drive for Business replace the "Open in Explorer" feature? We use Open in Explorer feature to map a drive, making it easier overall to work with files. What am I missing?
Hello! Could you kindly advise what are the recommended apps that mimic "Open with Explorer" that may be used with Windows Explorer, Edge Chromium and SharePoint Online (O365)? Thank you!

Some alternatives you may want to look into are:

Zee Drive
Client-side software to map SharePoint as network drive

SLIM Companion Explorer
Browser-based app that mimics File Explorer in a browser


Client-side solution