Unable to edit in grid view

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I'm unable to edit a list in grid view, I now receive a red line next to each item when in edit mode. Any changes I make to cells make an exclamation point icon appear.



When clicking Exit grid view I receive a dialog box, but choosing Fix errors doesn't reveal what is broken. I've been unable to update the list in a week.


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@Heather OConnor have you got any columns that are required but you haven't added any data? In List Settings have you got any validation running? Those are usually the 2 things that cause your error.


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All fields that are required do contain values. I don't have any validation on any of the fields or on the list itself.
Can you please press F12 on your browser when the error happens and then switch to "console". do you see any error ?

@Bruno Aleixo I see a lot of red when I open the console. I wasn't sure how to export it, so here is a screen grab.


@Heather OConnor we are currently investigating this behavior. Can you verify if your view has hidden required fields ? if so, a temporary workaround is to set the required field visible on the view or use a view that has the required field visible.


there are no hidden required fields. This same behavior is occurring on all lists I have access to.
can you please try again to see if the issue is solved ?
YES! It's working now. Can I ask what was going on and how you fixed for future reference?
Experiencing the same issue
Make sure you don't have the file still open somewhere. I found I couldn't edit the grid view as long as the file was open on some tab or app.