Stakeholder Engagement Tracker

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I need a way of tracking stakeholder engagement for the project I'm working on, we have different sub teams (e.g. delivery, business change) talking to the same stakeholders, duplicating conversations, and want to be more joined up.


I'd like to create a stakeholder engagement tracker in SharePoint, essentially a calendar supported by a form where users can select from a list of stakeholders and indicate the purpose of the discussion, who created the meeting and who else will be attending. Each meeting might also have a 'proposed' or 'confirmed' status so we can plan and then validate that plan with other sub team through regular catch ups. 


I used to use SharePoint for stuff like this, but it's been more than 10 years since I did. If anyone can give me a few bullet points of what I would need to build (lists, web parts, apps etc.) and a few words of instruction that would be really appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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