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I have a lot Excel sheets and tables that I want to migrate to SP lists, because I think the interface is better suited to collaboration.


Is it possible to organise lists into folders? Otherwise we will have lots of lists (50+) and I think they may become unmanageable and difficult to navigate. 


Currently my Excel files are in folders like this;


  • 2021
    • project 1
    • project 2
    • etc
  • 2022
    • project x
    • project y
    • etc

Can I setup a similar folder/file structure in SP online with lists?


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@jonboylib unfortunately neither Lists nor the Site Contents page in a SharePoint site allow lists to be organised into folders.


With a large number of lists (I have well over 100) it is easier to get to each list quickly in Lists rather than having to open the site, navigate to the Site Contents page then open the list.


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Thanks @RobElliott 


I was thinking more that it would be easier to navigate if lists were organised into folders, especially if the list all relate to different topics, subjects and years.


e.g. using a flat file structure Lists I'd imagine it would be difficult to find the following list, especially if I have 100s that related to multiple years and teams.


2021 > Project A > Team B > Expenses


Maybe I need to thin about the naming convention instead.