Someone has deleted Sharepoint list entries - Who?

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Hi Everyone


I am using a sharepoint site my IT have set up for me, and created a list. I have special access to allow all to see the list, but only the line item creator and approver to view the contents of that list line item. Someone has deleted 3 items - which makes me think it is the line item creator. But i have no way of reviewing it. There is no way to get up version control on a deleted item, there is nothing in recycle bin, no record of it on activity tracker etc. Surely there must be something front or back on the system that records this kind of thing? Any help much appreciated. 



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Assuming you don't have access, you may need to have IT look in the *second-stage* (admin) recycle bin. List items SHOULD show up in the recycle bin, so if you're not seeing it in the regular one, I'm wondering if that's where they might be?