Show the total number of files in a SharePoint library

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My users (non developers) are often complaining that it is so hard in SharePoint to show:


- The total number of files (not items) in a library


I know that its possible to see the total number of items if I go to "site contents" and find the document library there. But this includes the folders. Often people are interested how many files are there.

Is there any way to do this?


- The total number of files inside a folder


In the Windows Explorer I can right click a folder and see the number of files in the details. But in SharePoint I can only show the top level children via changing the view:




But this info is worthless for most of the people. They want to see the number of files including all sub folders. 


- Is there a way to archive this?


We have huge document libraries and it is not recommended to sync those via OneDrive client. This would be a (bad) way to archive what we need via Windows Explorer.

But there must be a way in SharePoint how to do this that does not require a PowerShell skript.


Any idea how to (easily, for normal users) do this in the GUI?

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Not sure if this will work on a large library, but you could try exporting to Excel and filter to only see the Item Type - Item.
You can use the sum function of a view
What do you mean with "sum"-function?