SharePoint Site members not allowed external sharing but owners are allowed

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Dear Tech Community,

The Site sharing settings of a SharePoint site should allow members with edit permissions to share with external users:


I've also allowed External sharing on organizational level:



The Owners of SharePoint sites are able to share files/folders without any problem:



But members of the SharePoint site are not allowed to Share externally:




I cannot figure out why my SharePoint members are not able to share externally.

Am I missing organizational policies settings elsewhere?

All help is welcome :)







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Hi @CapibaraChris 


strange. Change the site sharing settings that only site owners can share. Make sure, that the member is addes as "site member", also check in SharePoint Admin Center on this site. Then move the setting back and test again....


Regards, Dave

Hi @David Mehr,

Thanks for your reply.


 The users who want to share are members of the "site members" group on the SharePoint Site. 



All the specific site sharing settings are "Same as organization-level":




I have also changed the share settings to "only site owners can share" and moved the settings back, but still no luck :(.








Hi @CapibaraChris 


i am at a loss 🤷‍:male_sign:. Have the same settings and that works with a member, he can share documents with external user. Let me know if you have a solution.

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@CapibaraChrisI had this same issue for a frustratingly long time. It turns out that I had messed with the Contribute permission level, giving it it Manage Lists, Manage Permissions, and Enumerate Permissions permissions. At one point, I was trying to give members contribute access, but found that this made them unable to share entire folders. I think these changes were a relic of this attempt.


This caused other issues too, like internal links that had been generated failing to appear in the Manage Access screen. In any case, changing the Contribute permission level back to its standard settings finally resolved this problem for me.

@franklyforrest good suggestion, I did not edit the contribute permission. But for sure other permissions were edited. I will change it back to default and see what happens and let you know if it fixed the issue :).



@franklyforrest & @David Mehr 


I don't know which exact permissions are needed to enable sharing, but I used the following settings:




The options with the red circle, switched sharing on/off (in my case):




Thanks for all the help :)