Sharepoint setup with approval process and template file

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Just wondering if anyone can please assist me.

I have been tasked with setting up a Sharepoint approval process. We have a file that is filled in and needs to be sent to someone for approval. Once it is approved they then will populate an area in the SharePoint library with the file.

We would like staff members to be send a link with the file that needs to be a template. Once this is filled out it is sent to him for approval. We do not want staff members to be able to edit the template.

I have set it up and have got the approvals going, but the file is left in its last edited state. We want it to not be editable, but a copy sent to the approver.

Hope this makes sense ? Thank you so much!! 

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@PSCIT If I understand.. you have a locked template file that users can fill out, but not edit the template. Every time the template is opened it should be a new form.  You have two questions - 1 how to get the form to open as a blank every time, and 2 how to send a link to the form (content type).


1 - Add the document as a content type.  Click on the menu > Add Template > and upload your file.  When you are done you can edit the menu to remove the other items if you want. 


Now the default document can be your new Custom form. Every time someone clicks on it, a new instance of the form will open.


2 - Send a link to the new form...  I don't know!  Maybe someone else will have the answer.  You could send them a link to the SharePoint library and have them just click on new and select the form they need. 

Thank you, that is what i need!