Sharepoint SE News Webpart Not Working

Copper Contributor

We have a fresh, out-of-the box new Sharepoint Subscription Edition modern site setup but the News Webpart is not working.  It looks fine in edit mode but reverts to empty, new preview after hitting publish.


We found the following strange behavior with the News webpart:

  • Looks fine and shows annoucements/news items fine in edit mode
  • Shows only empty/preview after publishing
  • If you refresh the page, does not help
  • click HOME navigation link the webpart refreshes and displays correctly
  • click HOME navigation link a second time the webpart goes back to empty/preview
  • Every second HOME click the webpart is working
  • If you place TWO News webparts on the same page, the SECOND webpart always displays correctly

We have no special code, add-ins, packages or anything else installed. It is a plain-jane modern site with only a few simple, ordinary default configured webparts in the layout.  There is also nothing special about the announcement pages.  We even tried deleting all the real announcement and made several plain 'test' announcements.  Same issue.


It seems like there is some late java-script or client-side return/rendering which causes the webpart to think the news content is empty but remains in cache or somewhere so on the subsequent request it renders correctly.   In edit mode, this cache, staging or temp data is not used so always works.

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