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I have a scenario where I am trying to copy some files from my local PC to a SharePoint site.  I am a Global Admin and a SharePoint admin in our environment.  I am using version of the SharePoint migration tool.  I am using the default settings when creating a migration job.  I have tried to push files to more than one site and in each case I receive the same error (and I have tried to push other files from different sources with the same results).  Whenever I attempt to migrate the files (just a few Word docs) I get the error 'The task was stopped because of an unexpected internal error.' (Errorcode: 0x0207000A).  My colleague who is set as a Global Admin is able push files up using the SPMT tool with no issues. Any ideas?

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@MichaelWill17here is an interesting Recommendation which I am using just when I am writing to you!


Why not using the Migration Manager from SharePoint Admin Center.... here is a doc...


in a few easy words... go to Sharepoint Admin center > Migration > Migration Manager > Select Agent tab and click on add > download agent to install it on a computer that will be used as clients for migration

you can install this software either on your own computer or recommended to install on a file/Printer Server it will need your O365 Admin and Local AD Admin to be configured as soon as done you should be able to see back the agent online on the Migration Manager


once you see the agent click on add task then add your source address of files/folders > destination SharePoint URL > select some properties/attributes in my case I leave all as default > give the task a name...


Once the Migration is completed or even if it fails you will get full details with reports of every single thing happens.... from time to start, size, data, bandwidth, success, fails and many other files details...


Please share your updates if this works for you...

@PDostiyar Thank you for your response.  I will give the migration manager a try next opportunity that I have.


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@MichaelWill17Yes, please give it a try it is a great product from @Micorsoft.... still early stages but great tool.