Sharepoint Migration Tool - Missing config after update

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Hi Community,


I'm running a migration with data of a Window Server 2012 Server to Sharepoint using the Sharepoint Migration Tool. Until the users switch to sharepoint, I hit the incremental migration every day.

But some days ago the Migration Tool started to update and now it doesn't start anymore.. I could use another server, but then I loose all migration config.

Is there a way to get the old migration config without restarting the whole Migration process?


Thanks a lot!




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Hi @SteffenHNW 

Experiencing issues with the Sharepoint Migration Tool after an update can be frustrating, but there might be a way to retrieve your old migration configuration without starting the entire migration process from scratch. Here's a possible solution to try:

  1. Check for Backup or Copy: Before attempting any changes, verify if the migration tool automatically created a backup or copy of the old migration configuration during the update. Some software tools have mechanisms to back up settings before updates, so it's worth checking if the Sharepoint Migration Tool has this feature.

  2. Check Program Files or App Data: If the migration tool doesn't have an automatic backup feature, it might still store its configuration settings somewhere on your Windows Server. Look for the application's installation folder (usually under Program Files) or the App Data folder for any configuration files or folders related to the migration tool.

  3. Contact Support: If you can't find the old migration configuration using the above steps, consider reaching out to Sharepoint Migration Tool's support team. They might have encountered similar issues before and could provide specific guidance on retrieving the old configuration.

  4. Rollback or Restore: If you have a system backup or snapshot of your Windows Server from a time before the update, you could consider rolling back or restoring the system to that point. This should revert the migration tool to its previous state, including the configuration settings.

  5. Explore Update Notes: Review the release notes or update documentation of the Sharepoint Migration Tool. It's possible that the update has introduced changes to the configuration format, and there might be instructions on how to handle the migration of settings during the update.

  6. Manual Configuration: As a last resort, if all else fails, you might need to manually reconfigure the migration settings on the new server. This could involve recreating the migration tasks and settings based on the previous configuration.

Remember to exercise caution and create backups before making any changes to ensure you have a fallback option if something goes wrong during the process.

I hope these suggestions help you retrieve your old migration configuration and resume your migration process smoothly. Good luck! If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask the community for help.