Sharepoint list - copy/paste rows with lookup column in Quick Edit / Grid View

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I'm trying to copy/paste new rows into an existing SP list - the first column is a look-up column.

I noticed a few changes to the list:

  • It no longer shows 'Quick Edit View' - it now shows 'Edit in Grid View'
  • Copying and pasting the data will happen - but an error will appear in the first row with error '#err"
  • The above point then prevents any loading of new rows

I tried to manually create a new row in 'Edit in Grid View'. I'll select an entry in the lookup column - but it will not save the new row. 


Interestingly, if I click 'do not save changes' - it will actually save that (first) row.


Can anyone help?

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It is astonishing to me that there isn't a copy/paste way to add multiple values to a lookup column.

@John_Durbin - Yep. Same problem I am going through. There must fixed by Microsoft at the earliest possible. It is should accept the new row creation in quick edit in bulk copy-paste.

Yes, another garbage Microsoft project. There are posts from 13 years ago complaining about this very issue, on discussion boards.

I've convinced clients to abandon it before, and on the project I'm on people talk about doing so constantly.
Given that I see people talking about this from 2010, I doubt they will. This is an example of why I mostly recommend non-MS technologies to clients.
Hello wluu1,

Which one is use SharePoint Version?
I have use SharePoint online. I was create list such as you have shown and copy/paste way to add multiple value in look up column. It is done and I added multiple column. I add ten column together.