Sharepoint. How to view what folders/files a specific user has access to.

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I have done a little research and I suspect there is no answer to my question but I will ask just in case there is. So essentially I have been asked to remove access to all shared folders/files for a specific user in Sharepoint. My issue is that I do not know what access she has and I do not know how to search for this. After a quick search online, I saw someone else ask a similar question and the answer was there is no built in way to quickly see every folder/file in Sharepoint that a specific user has been granted access to. Is this correct?

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Hi, of course, there is no out-of-box feature to list down all the folder and files that a specific user has access and there is also no option to remove the specific user from all those folders and files at a single click of the button. It can be done using a custom solution.

@Sudharsan K  Hi, the problem is not to remove all folders and files permissions at once but to pull out a list of files.  You mentioned custom solutions, can you help with details. Thanks  

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@Josiah670 Try to check the below URL which is a SPFx solution that helps to manage the users permission on the lists/libraries/folder/files.


let me know if you find it useful.

Also interested in a report like this. Would be awesome to plug in a username and get a breakout of all the sites, and child folders and files of that site, that the user has access to. I'll be looking into scripting something out in PowerShell or Python and will post back if I can put together a solution.

@Sudharsan K i cant believe it, seems like the most basic thing you would need for access reviews? what if a member of my team shared a folder with someone i didnt want to see the file or folder, without telling me, unless i actively go looking for it?

I'm following this thread, hoping there's an answer (for simple "owners" of a SharePoint, not for admins) sooner or later. Best regards.