SharePoint External Sharing setting for new sites

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We're looking to allow the members of our organization to create sites with which they may share files externally to anyone. When a user creates a site, either a team site or communication site, the option to share with anyone with the link is grayed out. Instead, the external sharing setting for the new site is "New and existing guests"


Our organization-wide admin center settings are all set to allow for this type of sharing for files and as "most permissive." I read that organization wide settings don't set these defaults, however. I checked the SharingCapabilities tenant settings through Powershell. It's set to ExternalUserandGuest.


It was mentioned that this may have to do with being an M365 group. From the end-user side, only a Team site (as an M365 group) or a communication site (which defaults to being unsharable) is available for options. From the admin console, other templates are available, but results haven't changed.


It's not feasible to go into the admin console each time a site is created just to change the external sharing settings which should, but don't match the organization-level settings, or to hit the "Reset to org-level settings" button in the site settings from the admin console each time.


Is there a way we can change this default? Can we set new sites to be created so site content can be shared with anyone? It's unusual a new site won't follow the default sharing policies as set in the SharePoint admin center. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Unfortunately it works in the way you have described, so you will need to change the sharing capability per site basics