SharePoint Admin Center: Navigate to Search Schema page from Admin Center

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In the modern SharePoint online admin center, in order to navigate to old settings like, TermStore, Apps, Search, etc, we used to click on the "More Features" buttons. Currently this button is missing. 


Even if we're trying to navigate to old admin center URL, https://{TENANT} there's no option to navigate to search setting.


Plz advice how we can navigate to Managed Search Schema page on SharePoint Admin Center.

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Hi @Piyush Singh ,


I seem to be missing it also. 


Workaround :-


1. Go to settings.

2. Change the default admin centre to the old one.

3. You can now access the settings if you navigate to the SharePoint Admin centre from Admin. 


Hi @Andrew Hodges 


I tried but it still there's no option for "More Features" options. If it is visible to you then, can you plz share the URL for the Search option inside More Features?


The only way Today to access the search settings is by going through the More features in the Modern Admin Center
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@Piyush Singh 


Follow my instructions as above and you get the below: - 




Is that what you are looking for? 


URL - _layouts/15/searchadmin/ta_listmanagedproperties.aspx?level=tenant


Yes @Andrew Hodges.


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!