sharepoint 2019 personal site default quota

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i have a sharepoint environment 2019 standard integrated with ADFS to allow SAML authentication and it is mainly used to create oneDrive personal sites to all users.


I have configured quota on the web application level in the general settings to set a predefined custom quota and i did the same on the configure self site creation however when any user login to sharepoint the personal site created is assigned an individual quota with unlimited storage and we have to set the custom quota manually.

Can you please help to understand how i can enforce the quota on the personal site without having to set it manually everytime.

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@Najwan975 I have tried a lot for almost 48 continuous hours till i have found that MS unfortunately using hard coded template " Personal Site " so you have to make it and to be used if it is not Exist in your quota templates which you have create , 


Thanks to check and let me know your feedback :)