SharePoint 2019 List form customization

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Hello Guys,

I wanted to know Is there any way to customize SharePoint modern list on-prem with some sort of javascript or jquery. Like in the older version we can use JSlink. So overall my requirement before saving the form it should ask for confirmation "Do you really wanted to submit this form ?". 


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Hi @KD1502


There are some customizations that can be done to the modern List and Libraries, more information can be found @  

I am primarily a SharePoint Online  user and don't have immediate access to a 2019 on-prem site to check this, but when you have a list open, you should also have an option in the command bar to use PowerApps to customize forms:


A lot can be customized in PowerApps, when it comes to SharePoint List Forms, including actions when saving data.  Hope this helps.

But since he is in SP 2019, that option is not available so the short answer is: No, there is not a way to customize list forms in the modern experience in SP 2019

+1 to @Juan Carlos González Martín response.

In SharePoint 2019, currently, customization of OOTB Modern List Forms is not yet possible and the native option to customize the List Forms and stitching it back and overriding the OOTB List Forms as we have in SharePoint Online is not available yet in SharePoint 2019.

Quickly checked in one of the sites in my development SharePoint 2019, the option of PowerApps -> Customize List Forms Option is not available. Please find attached the snapshot for your reference.

SharePoint 2019 List Snapshot.png



@Juan Carlos González Martín, again...  I don't have an on prem server to look at, but according to the "New and improved features in SharePoint Server 2019" article, there are now integration with PowerApps and Power Automate.  I do not know to what extent, but it is at least worth looking at.

@KD1502 , you can also look at using SharePoint framework to add some custom dialog to a list.  You can find more about this here: Use custom dialog boxes with SharePoint Framework Extensions

@Swaminathan Sriram Thanks for verifying that.

:) I'm completely aware of the options here, of course you can build PowerApps that "consume" OnPrem data, but you will need PowerApps and deploy the Gateway so being purist, customizing list forms with PowerApps in the same way we can do in SPO is not the same thing...