Questions about creating a discussion board / community on SharePoint

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Hello all, 

I am trying to create a community forum for customers of my company that I can link to the company website. I am hoping that by accessing the link anyone will be able to see the Sharepoint site and create posts. I have multiple questions that I am hoping will be answered:

  • If create the discussion board like how this link says, will users be able to access the site through a link? And will they be able to contribute without being a part of our organization?
  • If I take a different route and use Yammer, how would that work? Would users be able to access it through a link? Would they need to have a Microsoft account? 
  • This is also another option. However, I am confused by how the sharing would work for this option considering how it only allows business partners to access it. 

My goal for this site it to create a community for customers to ask questions, get quick support, and have discussions together. I'm a newbie when it comes to SharePoint and Yammer so I'd appreciate any help you can offer. 

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