Posting to Sharepoint unprotects Excel file

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I have Excel files containing sheets that have sensitive information.  Because of this, I hide those sheets, and then use the Review -> Protect Workbook so that users cannot unhide the sensitive sheets.


I have been posting these to our Sharepoint site.  However I just noticed that many of them end up unprotected on Sharepoint. 


I have tried to protect them again via two ways:  first, I open the file within Sharepoint, use the "Open in Desktop App" to open it in Excel, redo the Protect Workbook operation, make sure it is now protected in Excel, save, exit Excel, click "Continue editing" within Sharepoint, and close the file in Sharepoint.  When I re-open it again in Sharepoint it is again not protected.


The second method is to download the file from Sharepoint, edit it locally in Excel, Protect Workbook, save locally, and re-upload.  That appears to work, except I originally uploaded protected files into Sharepoint and somehow they became unprotected...  It almost seems like Sharepoint's retention of "protected workbook" status is intermittent and can just occasionally go away...


Is this a known issue with a known solution?  Thank you.


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I haven't heard of that, and doing a basic test I can't duplicate that issue. Using a new notebook, added a second tab and set it to hide. Went to the Review tab, selected protect workbook, and selected structure. Uploaded to SharePoint and when I opened in the browser everything was protected. I'm using SharePoint Online. Any chance you are on-prem?